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In 1986, brothers, Andy and Tony Sees started a small machine shop in their parent’s garage. At this time they produced and manufactured billet wheels for RC cars and trucks. The quality and success of the billet wheels that Sees produced, enabled them to expand their business and move into their first commercial shop located in Gardena CA in 1987. At this time, they began to diversify into new areas such as the after market automotive performance parts and aerospace industries. Sees Machine not only made parts for customers, they also designed and improved products for their clients.


In 1989 Sees became involved with the aftermarket supercharger industry and have been designing, improving, and manufacturing supercharger parts ever since.  In April of 2004 Sees Machine designed and manufactured “billet” supercharger cases for The Blower Shop. In 1994, Sees moved their shop again to keep up with the growing needs of their company. This move enabled them to acquire more state of the art CNC machines to provide their customers with high quality, precision parts.

Sees Precision Machine Works manufactures many different parts for the Aero Space Industry.

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